Leviathan Bridge - Scourge of RedJack

From the Docks to Downtown

Your first adventure

Sheriff Dunfrey and Deputy “Doublestack” Allens have come to The Cistern (an adventurer’s bar) downtier in East Bridge Seaport looking for help.

The main telegraph line from the Seaport to East Bridge Proper has been damaged somewhere in RedJack territory. Somewhere along the coast heading north in the downtiers in the areas of East Bridge that still haven’t been reclaimed since the fall.

Pay is 150P each up front with another 1500P split upon repair and the team’s arrival in East Bridge Proper.


The giant spiders were tougher opponents than expected for the group. St. Clair nearly bought it in the fight but Brass managed to finally finish off the last spider.

Spiders aren’t supposed to be as big as people…

From the Docks to Downtown

2 story points for Brass, Falmuth, and St. Clair

From the Docks to Downtown
RabidPug RabidPug

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